Why didn’t the my watch leave all of a sudden?

Although mechanical mens watches do not use batteries, they need to be wound up, otherwise they may not be able to be worn in a few days. The reason why the mechanical watch doesn’t go away is usually not the watch fault, but more because you haven’t properly maintained and worn it. But after all, the watch will still affect our use when it can’t go normally, so we should make sure why the mechanical watch doesn’t go. If it’s a fault, it needs to be repaired in time.
Why doesn’t the mechanical watch go? It’s more likely that our watch has some faults, especially when it is bumped, the movement and gear inside the watch may cause faults. This is not something we can recover by simple adjustment. Therefore, the disassembly must be carried out through the regular maintenance organization, so as to determine the internal situation and know how to deal with it. The watch is magnetized. If there is strong magnetic influence around, there will certainly be some influence, which may cause the mens watch can not move. Although mechanical watch is generally not easy to be affected, it is often affected by magnetic field, which will cause watch failure. So the problem of magnetization is not something we can solve by ourselves. It needs to be handled by the maintenance center.
Watch water. Why the mechanical watch doesn’t go? In a comprehensive way, if there is a problem of water inflow, it may also lead to the watch can’t go correctly, or even serious failure. After water inflow, such a problem can be basically determined as a serious fault, which must be determined after disassembly. It is suggested that you should maintain the watch movement maintenance every three years.