What Is A Good Starter Mechanical Watch?


Zachary V. from Georgia, USA asks:

Hello, I visit your site daily and I have had a burning question to ask since I discovered your blog. I am starting to collect watches and being a sophomore in high school, as you can imagine, limits my budget greatly. I was wondering if you could recommend a “training wheels” watch, something not terribly expensive, but something quality and worth my time. I know you deal mostly with extravagant timepieces, but I was hoping you could help. I appreciate your time and hope you have some advice. Thanks for your time.

Thanks for being a loyal reader, Zachary. We all had to start somewhere and most of us got into watches from a young age when we had very little disposable income. The good news is that there are a lot of great mechanical watches in the $1,000 and under range. Many of us have spend countless hours on eBay bidding on watches at prices we could afford. Of course, we always like to recommend Seiko mechanical watches as someone’s first mechanical timepiece. We did a review of the new Seiko Monster watch here, which is a great option. There are others of course such as a Seiko 5. Citizen is also starting to offer a few more mechanical watches, and we also like Japanese Orient. On the Swiss side there is Tissot, Swiss Army Victorinox, and Hamilton to look at. We also like products from Christopher Ward when it comes to getting an entry-level mechanical timepiece from a major brand.

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