Vacheron Constantin slogan: You can easily own time, but you cannot easily own Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin slogan: You can easily own time, but you cannot easily own Vacheron Constantin. What a domineering sentence, but why dare it say so? Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1819 by a descendant of the family named Franois Constantin and Jean-Marc Vacheron, an independent watchmaker in Geneva.
As one of the world’s top mens watches, Vacheron Constantin has no price to say, at least 100,000, why is it so high? The editor understands several possible reasons. First, the brand premium, Vacheron Constantin’s high popularity, the brand comes with the “halo bonus” attribute; Second, the watchmaking process, some products of Vacheron Constantin really use a process with a higher difficulty coefficient Some are even made manually; 3. The materials used, 18k white gold and diamonds, are still relatively common in Vacheron Constantin products.
Blancpain, whether it is to continuously improve the concept of complex functions, design and production methods, or to explore new areas, Blancpain has always been committed to adhering to watchmaking technology and carry it forward. Baobo has been established for nearly 300 years and is known as the “maker of classic timepieces”. Since its establishment in 1735, Blancpain has continuously pursued excellence and perfection, devoted to making exemplary Quartz Watches. While Blancpain vigorously promotes the tradition of watchmaking, with its bold innovative spirit and surprising winning concept, it is refreshing and amazing. The brand that assembles and sells movements and watches is a model of Swiss advanced mechanical watchmaking. Since 1953, Blancpain has been accompanying the world of the ocean, constantly meeting challenges. The inextricable bond with the marine world not only reflects Blancpain’s sincere feelings for this blue world, but also reflects the high-performance timepiece involved in the deep sea divers involved in Blancpain.