The weekend watch —— Tudor Black Bay Bronze


A true celebration of timepieces of the past, the brand state that the new 43 mm divers see and is’inspired by the new history’ — and inspired is the right word.
The general lines and design of the circumstance, as well as the dial and crystal, are inherited from your very first Tudor diving watches — and call to mind that the submerged leaders and daring spirit of early explorers. The notable winding crown provides a focal point and — being raised from the famous 7924 version of 1958, which has been affectionately known amongst watch aficionados as Large Crown — it is yet another celebratory square on this patchwork watch.

 Tudor watch

Characteristically angular hands, called snowflake palms, hark back to the watches Tudor provided into the French National Navy from the 1970s, and also both drilled holes on the face of the lugs and the especially conspicuous chamfering will also be lifted from Tudor’s watches versions of their past.
Who might resist a deep, burnished bronze — and even more so when you realise that the use of this colour is meant to reference the use of this precious metal in historic ships and antique diving equipment.
Even the strap itself, which looks a little unassuming, takes inspiration from among Tudor’s most memorable and unique periods. After the watchmaker utilized to send its Oyster Prince Submariner timepieces into the French Navythey had been without straps.
One such strap, made from elastic recovered by a French rescue parachute, also having a central yellow ribbon, became an icon of its time, and has now influenced the design of this Black Bay Bronze’s jacquard strap. This is not only a watch — it’s a little piece of history for your wrist.
But not everything is lifted from the history books. The combination of a chocolate-brown dial and bezel with beige and gold accents is a first for the new, as is their pioneering version on the MT5601 motion — Tudor’s first mechanical motion to have been developed, manufactured and assembled in the last year.
These quirks and kinks that compliment a timeless are admirable — and reveal a genuine pioneering spirit from Tudor. This is clearly a new excited for the challenges of the future, whilst honouring the experiences of the past. And it would look as at home diving in the ocean as it’d hacking through the Amazon rainforest. This is a watch that cries one rule: do not be dull.
With an optional outdated leather strap, a power reserve of about 70 hours and waterproofness to 200 yards, you have no excuses. Get it on, and get out there.