New Releasing: Bulova CURV Watch Features World’s First Curved Chronograph

Bulova CURV Watch Features World’s First Curved Chronograph
Through years of important historical watches, Bulova has production, unique design stand out from the soft spot. Today, we have witnessed the company continue to try and collect CURV release push boundaries. What is the real engineering feat, they managed to get through the next will actually be bent into a super-slim, aerodynamic case, a highly accurate quartz chronograph movement literally accommodating.
Bulova CURV Watch Features World’s First Curved Chronograph

Bulova has been put into operation, it is expected to wear, and follow the contours of your wrist beautiful curved titanium and stainless steel case. Twelve collection will be both elegant and sports options, this particular piece has a smooth touchstone styling. With see through a dial and exhibition case back, alert you to this sport. Although you will not see a surprisingly complex mechanical movement, when you flip CURV, you will see, Bulova has managed curvature quartz movements to create beauty. They did succeed in making this beautiful sport, it is better than many I’ve seen the back of the quartz far less confusion and chaos. That is, if for no other reason than its uniqueness, you’ll want to show off your buddies view.

Always place the emphasis on precision and accuracy, CURV have Bulova quartz movement frequency of 262K. Eleven jewelry, which is a grab and go can be a slippery way into several styles, and create some unique wrist candy. Bulova made the right decision to skip the date window, because there is already a lot of how it was. Some industrial dial, but this is offset by the index and bronze skeleton hands. With the application of lume out, you should have no problem reading this baby in the dark.

An interesting aspect of this table is the return Bulova tuning fork symbol. Logo is not only on the dial, but also the crown and back of the case from the observed cell surface is visible. The company began its rebranding effort in 2014, the image, and decided to use only the tuning fork logo in their electronic wristwatch II line. Signs do not look out of place here and metallic colors works.