Breitling Reissues James Bond’s ‘Thunderball’ Watch For Sale

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Breitling has had a stellar run throughout the past couple of decades. It has reinvented its core collections, transformed its stores into loft-style showrooms and cherry picked classic pieces from its back catalogue, reissuing them in fastidious detail. In 2020 it has already released two noteworthy new watches, the Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition, a part of its long-running collaboration with the luxury car company, and the Breitling Avenger Automatic GMT watches 45 Red Arrows, a tribute to the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team.
The latest launch is potentially the most exciting, definitely for buff boys — the new Breitling Top Time. A limited edition chronograph of 2,000 pieces it takes elements from the brand’s Sixties Top Time collection and provides new layout information and proportions.
That initial collection was instigated by Willy Breitling, grandson to the company founder Léon, who envisaged a chronograph to get a younger audience. He announced his new watches were”particularly suited to the requirements of the young and active professionals. We are designing a superb range of ultramodern chronographs, led by a wholly new model, the Top Time.”
The sports watch was a hit with all the professional, style-conscious guys of their swelling Sixties youth movement, a demographic for whom a smartly designed wristwatch had turned into a must-have. The Very Best Time subsequently became a classic collectors’ favored also, on account of its distinguishing dial. Its mirrored black and white triangles are known as a’Zorro’ dial, an affectionate tribute to the disguise worn by acrobatic, rapier-wielding enthusiast of those pulp books.

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The Top Time can be distinctive for being a James Bond watch — and the very first altered Bond watch, kitted from Q branch to include a Geiger counter in 1965’s Thunderball.
“Here we’ve got a Geiger counter, useful and discreet. The sweep hand takes the radioactivity count,” says Q, played by Desmond Llewleyn. “It is waterproof, of course.”
That opinion , the exact same one worn by Connery, sold at Christie’s in 2013 for #103,875. Its seller had discovered it at a car boot sale for #25.
Breitling watches re-edition following 55 years doesn’t come with a Geiger counter. Each of this edition of 2,000 is numbered.
It’s also the first watch provided using a blockchain-based digital passport which means owners will be able to”confirm the authenticity and ownership of the watch using a single click… and transfer ownership with a easy blockchain transaction.” In other words it acts as a virtual”box and papers”.
A young concession the like of which you imagine Willy Breitling would have approved.