Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique 5015 Swiss Eta Movement Review


Years ago when I first got into timepieces I stumbled upon a previous creation Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch and fell in love it with. It remained an idle romance for quite a while and eventually Blancpain fifty fathoms gold decided to launch a brand new version of its foundation Fifty Fathoms Automatique which has remained the cornerstone of its sporty dip watch set ever since. I finally have the pleasure of providing a hands on inspection of a deliciously designed Swiss diver with a fantastic design, great character, and fitting”great” price.

You are not the first person to observe that really this watch is water resistant to over 50 fathoms. The Fifty Fathoms title is derived from the original version of the watch that dates back to the middle of the 20th century during the great dive watches race one of leading watch makers of that era. Brands such as Rolex and Blancpain fifty fathoms bathyscaphe clone watches pushed the limits of the then available technologies to equip people participated together with the emerging world of SCUBA and other game diving. It had been in the 1950s the contemporary dive watch was born — a timepiece designed for professional use, but also appropriate (and accessible ) for amateurs. In fact, if you consider it, the dive watch is a special creature since it’s among the few items initially designed as a professional tool that divides into one’s normal lifestyle without undergoing any real alterations. It’d be like somebody wearing a construction yard hardhat out on the town — and while it didn’t work with most items, it did with diving watches.

The most recent generation Fifty Fathoms is not new, but it does represent a beautiful classic design. When Blancpain fifty fathoms blue dial upgrades this watch , the”5015″ generation Fifty Fathoms will still stay a gorgeous item. It was released when large timepieces were all of the rage, and only before most dive watches started to utilize ceramic bezel inserts. Having said that, the rotating bezel insert is still very durable because it is made of sapphire crystal.

What is more impressive is how it is shaped. Possessing a flat sapphire crystal bezel isn’t that big of a deal, but having one that is curved requires a much more sophisticated and time consuming machining procedure. Under the sapphire crystal is a vintage-styled timing bezel design that has become a symbol of how glossy design translates well into dive watches. I must also note for those who don’t understand, sapphire crystal is very durable so that it makes the bezel virtually scratch-proof. The bezel numerals are farther produced in SuperLumiNova. Therefore, even though ceramic bezels are bit more contemporary, the bezel with this Fifty Fathoms is more costly to produce, and quite beautiful in its own right. I believe it among the nicest high-end dive watch bezels available.

Do not ask why but sadly we weren’t able to get a lume-shot of the Fifty Fathoms in the dark. Stress not since the luminant is excellent. It is really the icing on a really nice dial cake. But seriously, even though the Fifty Fathoms dial may not be as broadly identifiable as that of a Submariner, in my own opinion it is every bit as classic since it combines good looks and effortless legibility.

50 fathoms is actually 100 meters (exactly 300 ft ). This Fifty Fathoms was water resistant to 300 meters, which can be nearer to 1000 feet. Clearly Blancpain has improved its cases over the last 60 or so years. Even though this is a timepiece with a high amount of pedigree, it’s still very much an expert dive watch in subject. The supremely wash dial incorporates a date window between 4 and 5 o’clock that does not disrupt the hour mark and is put on a black disk. What actually makes the dial feel good is the high quality parts and completing that Blancpain fifty fathoms watches review uses. I will go even further to indicate that this timepiece is a fantastic example of how quality components can make something otherwise simple good. Let’s face it, the total look of the Fifty Fathoms — although exceptionally refined — is rather simple. What actually makes it feel as a high-end thing are the materials and components. And without those elements and degree of refinement most luxury products would lose what makes them desirable to the complex consumer.

While the Fifty Fathoms is classic inspired, it isn’t vintage-sized. The circumstance is 45mm wide and here provided in polished steel. In reality, the whole situation is polished — and that is quite rare to find these days in modern watches. There’s a coolness to the larger size of watch I like. I would not have it that much smaller. Blancpain could probably add a bigger 42 or 43mm wide Fifty Fathoms size, but I think they should never eliminate the 45mm broad size. There is something so gratifying about how it seems on the wrist, and that isn’t something which translates too in smaller measurements.

Blancpain fifty fathoms mil spec additionally prints”Antimagnetic” on the scenario, which you don’t see on a lot of prestige brand watches. True enough the chunk of steel that is the case probably has a soft iron center around the motion that shields against magnetism. In some ways that’s a shame since it means you can’t observe the motion — that at least on some Fifty Fathoms models has a trendy nautilus shell-style automatic rotor.

Speaking of this movement, most all of the Fifty Fathoms household watches (store for GMT or chronograph models) use the exact same Blancpain in-house made standard 1315 automatic motion — and also the Fifty Fathoms Automatique is no exception. The 1315 is really a great movement not only for being in-house created, but also as it has a really long power reserve of 120 hours. That is a full five days. I really like you could wear and finish it and leave it to the greater part of a week and it is still running when you select it up again. That is good for when you’re traveling or are the type of person who forgets to put things on a winder. Five days of power book is more than double that of most other three-hand watches.

If you really wish to find the movement there are different versions of this Fifty Fathoms with display case back windows. Sure they are not likely to be more anti-magnetic, however you can get the full horological experience. To call it canvas is a bit of a misnomer because it is a whole lot more than that. It has a coated rubbery surface to it that is water resistant, and wears very comfortably to the the wrist using an enclosed deployant buckle.

Seeking Blancpain’s site you can see just how many versions of the Fifty Fathoms there are. A few years back Blancpain released the 500 Fathoms which is much more water resistant and in ceramic, and more lately Blancpain published the slightly lower-priced Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe collection. What’s more, the standard Fifty Fathoms has a chronograph version, although the 500 Fathoms has a GMT version accessible.

Nevertheless, the traditional Fifty Fathoms Automatique remains my preferred model that Blancpain produces, and again there are numerous alternatives in terms of colors. The watch also comes in 18k rose gold variations along with steel. A choice that I do recommend for those considering the watch is also to look out for the very wonderful steel bracelet that delivers a nice compliment to the strap.

As a timepiece I lusted after for quite some time was it worth the wait to reassess? Was I enamored with it afterwards”dating” a bit? Yes, I presume so. This is really one of the very few truly timeless sport watches out there, and there is a sense of European refinement into the design that is hard to find anywhere else. While Blancpain likes to concentrate on their own high-complication timepieces, I think that their dive watches aren’t something to forget when considering a new sport watch. For me personally the 5015 layout is beautiful, I expect to see Blancpain continue to support this great collection.