A watch called “the cheapest and most expensive watch in the world”

From a chicken shack at Berkshire and also less than $100,000 first capital, the 3 creators and a little group at Christopher Ward worked hard to have the ability to create watches they predicted:’the most economical most expensive watches in the world’. The first couple of months were shown to be very slow, with nearly non-existent sales. And all of a sudden was receiving orders from all around the world. On its first year Christopher Ward marketed more than 500 watches . The Power of The World Wide Web The brand’d Dave Malone from Tasmania, Australia, to thank for its sudden recognition in the opinion world. Malone was a watch aficionado and best watch reviewer on the online watch forum TimeZone. Apparently, Malone saw their advertising on The Independent and didn’t feel that an opinion could be sold by Christopher Ward with that type of calibre — a real ETA movement — at such a price. He actually planned to expose the place and brand anything about it.
But as it was, when he got the watched and attempted and scrutinized it, he was so impressed with it that he ended up giving a rave review of it. He also dubbed the newest Christopher Ward watches the”best-value automatic watch in the world”. Due to Malone’s post, the earnings requirement for Christopher Ward skyrocketed. And in less than six months following its launch, the brand is now the most discussed watch brand in forums online. Christopher Ward Calibre SH21 Movement / Photo by Christopher WardThe Creation of A Precise Movement Christopher Ward started working with Synergies Horlogères — an independent Swiss watchmaking workshop owned by Jörg Bader — to help them create their own movement. Beginning with the brand’s first in-house motion, the Christopher Ward Caliber SH21. This iconic movement has a power reserve of 5 times and runs some of Christopher Ward’s best-selling watches, including the Christopher Ward C60 Trident COSC 600 along with the Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern 5 Day Automatic.
For their 10th anniversary, in 2014 , they formally launched the Christopher Ward in house Calibre SH21 movement. And Christopher Ward announced it and its longtime business partner Synergies Horlogères have merged, forming what is now called Christopher Ward Holdings Limited. The launch of the Calibre SH21 motion proved to be a significant deal in watchmaking history. For decades, a few watchmaker giants have dominated the watch luxury industry. And to get a small, independent firm make its own in-house motion and such as Christopher Ward to break free from the monotony was a groundbreaking feat that is huge. With the launch of its in-house movement, Christopher Ward helped produce fair competition in the watchmaking industry that was rigid.