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Patek Philippe Legendary watch designer Gerald Genta has a way of doling out one iconic watch following a second. Read our overview of the Patek Philippe Nautilus Yearly Calendar Moonphase in Stainless Steel ref # 5726/1a-001. Patek Philippe Nautilus Annual Calendar Moonphase 5726/1a-001 Review In the initial release of this AP Royal Oak in 1972, Patek Philippe realized that it had to employ Genta to create a new design that could appeal to a younger generation. It would need to be a lookout with a unique free-spirited layout that would stand the test of time. The first Nautilus premiered in 1976 and things have not slowed down to the Nautilus. Nowadays it’s among the most sought after watches on Earth. Let us get up close and personal with what many see aficionados call their dream view.

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ANNUAL CALENDAR: For a mechanical watch the yearly calendar is possibly one of the most valuable complications. It’s easy to place and is fairly low-maintenance meaning that you just need to correct the calendar after every four years when it’s a leap year. The annual calendar is corrected with recessed micro-pushers found on the face of the case with a tiny pen-shaped instrument given by Patek Philippe Watch. This particular yearly calendar watch utilizes a double pub for your day and month that’s located at the 12 o’clock position and situated under the Patek Philippe logo wordmark using the term printed Geneve just under the day/month aperture. The date window is located at the 6 o’clock position. Only below the Moonphase window and the sub-register to your 24-hour day/night indicator that allows the wearer understand if it is set to morning or night.

and symmetrical. The iconic horizontal lined guilloche pattern provides depth and dimension to the dial design. The typography used on this particular watch from the emblem to the annual calendar windows and even the numerals used on the day/night index are clean, clear, and legible and use a sans serif font. Legend has it that this shape was modeled after the shape of a submarine porthole. In the time once the Nautilus was first introduced, it was a fairly large watch because of the time in a 40mm event size. While the developing trend is that watches are getting bigger, the Patek Philippe Nautilus version # 5726/1a-001 has a size which is truer to the original at only 40.5mm, an instance thickness of 11.30 mm and carries a water resistance of 120m/400ft as a result of this screw-down crown. 44 One side is intended for the hinge and the other one is for the closed. One of the most gorgeous things about the case is the remarkable finishing which applies both a fine unidirectional brushed finish in the case, inner bezel and bracelet and uses a polished finish on the outside bezel, inner links on the bracelet, screw-in crown, and the inner hinge and closing of the bezel’s”ears”.

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CASE BACK: The opposite side of this situation is a piece of absolute beauty using a transparent sapphire case back. Here is the window into the beating heart of this work of horological art. 66 It contains 34 stones and is equipped with Patek Philippe’s proprietary Spiromax? Equilibrium spring with its signature terminal curve made from Silinvar? , a magnetic resistant material produced out of silicon. This view movement can be fitted with their Gyromax? Balance, a totally free sprung balance system that requires no ruler. This patented Patek Philippe innovation reduces resistance and offers a larger moment of inertia in the balance. This automated movement has an energy reserve that will last up to 45 hours. The rotor was designed with a striking shape for this like to take on the character of a nautical anchor and it’s engraved with a Calatrava cross; the hallmark of Patek Philippe’s commitment to perfection. Several painstaking finishing procedures Participate in unison to create a motion that would be visually magnetic.

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masterpiece,They’ve polished and completed this watch with tremendous precision making sure the polished bezel has a razor sharp edge all the way up into where the brushed end begins. There is no question that there’s much that has to go into a watch with a top five-figure price tag such as this one. With the Nautilus, Patek Philippe Watches for Men has created a watch that is nothing short of impressive and holds its value incredibly well. Be sure to contact us if you’d like one for yourself.