Traser P6600 Shade ‘Red, White, & Blue’ Special Edition Tactical Watch

Traser P6600 Shade ‘Red, White, & Blue’ Special Edition Tactical Watch

Trait has recently released a new special edition of the “red, white, and blue” version of the recently updated H3 P6600 curtain to see in order to commemorate the large US watch market, many of their customers. Tra use is the MB-Microtec brand officially produced in Switzerland Trigalight tritium gas tube – those used for a series of watches from Luminox ball. Tra use is a modern tactic in the original watch and watch professional use and by soldiers, law enforcement, emergency personnel, of course, weekend fighters. You may not be surprised, tra audience with a watch and gun enthusiasts in the United States do well.

Traser P6600 Shade ‘Red, White, & Blue’ Special Edition Tactical Watch

Ironically enough, given current politics in America, it might be the right time for the brand to release a watch such as this. This special edition takes the Traser P6600 Shade and gives it assorted red, white, and blue Trigalight gas tubes at the hour markers as means to remind the wearer of the American flag. Though it should be just as useful to remind people of other red, white, and blue national flags of which there are 38, according to Wikipedia. So depending on where you live and your particular flavor of patriotism, the Traser P6600 Shade Red, White, & Blue Special Edition watch could be in honor of the United States, Dominican Republic, Iceland, South Korea, Malaysia, Chile, Cambodia, Norway, Slovenia, Nepal, Thailand, France, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Panama, Russia, Nepal… and a lot more.

So Traser really has a lot of countries covered here even though they are emblazoning the American bald eagle and prancing frontier horses behind the image of the watch. The Traser P6600 Shade watch is itself a welcome upgrade from the previous generation P6600 Shadow. Upgrades are subtle but important for detail seekers who wanted the best possible watch in both quality and design. One upgrade is the use of black-colored discs (versus white) for the date and day of the week windows – an important refinement. Also, the pip that holds the tritium gas tube on the rotating bezel is now PVD-coated black versus in unfinished steel – which adds to the important stealth look of the watch.

Traser also apparently upgraded the crystal from mineral to AR-coated sapphire – which I think most people will appreciate. With that said, truly active watch wearers sometimes prefer mineral crystal because rather than shatter under large impact, it merely chips (or totally cracks depending on the force of the impact).


45 mm wide case is 12 mm thick, waterproof 200 meters. The internal situation is steel, while the black exterior and glass fiber made of resin. Making it lightweight 80 g (belt) and very durable. The dial is purely functional with a scale of 12 hours and 24 hours, in addition to rotating the 60-minute timing frame. The watch is Swiss Ronda quartz caliber 517.6 DD (day / date) movement. Attached to the black NATO-style belt, but a rubber strap can also be used as an option. Price tra use H3 P6660 color red, white, and blue special edition watch is $ 475.


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