Supermodel Bar Refaeli Become The New Ambassador for Hublot


Hublot announced supermodel Bar Refaeli officially became the new female ambassador. She will include NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant , Dwyane Wade , Pele, music superstar Jay Z and international piano superstar Lang Lang, including Hublot  Full star lineup together, the perfect interpretation of the top tab and fashion fusion, a brand’s muse ladies watch series.

Hublot chairman and president of the LVMH Group Watches Jean – Claude Beaver and brand CEO Ricardo Guadalupe also appeared together on the same day, and in 2015, the first day of New York fashion week for the supermodel Bar Refaeli held an exclusive media event. The event is also the Hublot, New York 743 Fifth Avenue flagship store groundbreaking ceremony, this New York luxury shopping center Hublot boutiques will be Hublot the world’s largest boutique Monopoly shop.

At that time NBA All-Star Weekend in New York to participate in basketball superstar Dwyane Wade also came to congratulate. Mr. Beaver and Mr. Guadalupe announced to the public of the latest brand ambassador – Supermodel Bar Refaeli, its advertising image shot by award-winning international visual artist Chen Man, from a plurality of sides show the brand “Art fusion” concept, the perfect interpretation of Hublot  fusion of Swiss watchmaking tradition and modern technological innovation. On the day, supermodel Bar Refaeli dressed by the Hublot partners –Bischoff custom black lace dress catwalk, and Hublot latest release, very sexy charm Big Bang embroidery watch each other. Hublot and Bischoff also jointly developed a unique embroidery pattern and the iconic Big Bang design the perfect fusion. The dial is skull pattern and inlaid with 11 diamonds, bezel and strap while it is soft and gentle vine pattern, Elegant yet sultry charm, the interpretation of the collision of beauty and sexy rebellious art of embroidery heritage.

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