The soul of Art : Longines Equestrian Collection


Understand the table knows, Longines and equestrian has a bond. Longines whole-heartedly equestrian sport for almost a century, which lasted 180 years, Longines has a long history, with watchmaking expertise, and sports world to establish a close cooperative relations, the full support of long-term brand elegant equestrian sports, equestrian and closely the Origin and strong relationship. Longines love equestrian, equestrian Longines choice, because the sport requires concentration, precision and experience these extraordinary capabilities, because this sport conveys a noble unique style and elegance, with precisely these qualities Longines watchmaking tradition and system table match perfectly the essence of philosophy. Equestrian Sport is Our Passion, the same strain of origin and understanding these long, Longines will be the king of the sport brought passion and inspiration to leap after another brilliant.

Longines Video. Equestrian Collection

With the Longines Equestrian Collection, Longines offers a genuine allegory of the equestrian world in tribute to the deep bonds the brand has forged with it.

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Now in this age of electronic and digital era, time has become too easy to get, but you can still see a lot of people wearing the watch, do you still maintain the habit of wearing the watch. If you are a person wearing a watch, habitually wear every morning on his watch, to start the day’s work and life, the rest of the evening, when it will be removed in order to receive good use tomorrow, then this is the best most healthy people with a table.

Just watch just has its own magic, it is not just a tool to display the time. When you watch from the closer the more you will be attracted by its charm, slowly most of your spare time are placed on the study of clocks, reading stories about watches, the brand’s history, watch changes, in various forums bubble watch other people enjoy the job, and enthusiasts exchange, finally, after all is tempted to spend before the full purchase price will not be attracted to the thought of the watch, and planning to buy more in the following years over It watches. If you have that, then congratulations, you’ve become an avid watch enthusiast, for you to watch more than just a tool, it is a work of art, a worthy collection of crafts and play.


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