Review On Alcatel One-touch Watch

Alcatel One-touch Watch

It is generally recongnized that it’s compatible with both Android and iOS and delivers a perfectly adequate fitness tracker experience.

The strap is fairly comfortable, if a tad cumbersome to put on at first. The display is a little low resolution but bright and clear.

After syncing to your smartphone via the move app it will provide you with notifications, it will change you to incoming calls and give you a hand to find your phone if you misplace it.

The built-in apps provide information on the weather including a 5 day forecast, heart rate monitoring, steps taken, calories burned, time and distance walked and sleep tracking.

All of this data is then available for analysis on your smartphone.

Besides, the OneTouch Watch gives you a stopwatch, resting heart rate monitor, a compass, a basic camera control app for controlling your smartphone’s rear shooter and snapping photos, several watch faces, airplane and silent modes and battery saving functions.

There’s not a huge amount else to this, it’s exactly what you’d expect a premium smartwatch to be except it’s a little more affordable then most. In addition it also offers excellent battery life at about three days.

It can be easily charged thanks to the presence of a build-in USB connection in the watch band.

This means it can be charged directly into a computer or into the included charging cable.

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch suffers from the lack of a proper app store and ecosystem unlike Apple’s Watch or popular Android Wear alternatives like the Galaxy Gear or the Motorola 360.

Therefore it’s potential for expansion and additional capabilities becomes limited.

Alcatel One-touch WatchFranly speaking, I’m not attracted to these kinds of products. Smartwatches and fitness trackers don’t do it for me. I’m bored of this thing already.

It’s just another screen for people to bury their heads in and as I’m not a watch wearer as I use my phone to tell the time, it’s not something I’m going to ever buy.

What’s more, I don’t use a smartphone, though I have two in my house for reviewing apps in my videos, they live most of their lives in drawers.

Hence thanks to smartwatches are merely companion products and expensive accessories to smartphones they offer no real value to someone like myself.

But for those of you who genuinely would like a reasonably priced smartwatch that’s responsive, has a colour screen and solid battery runtime, you could do a lot worse than the Alcatel OneTouch Watch.


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