Previewing Bremont MBII-WH Watch With White Dial

Bremont MBII-WH Watch With White Dial

With the new ALT1-ZT / 51 watches, Bremont Britain announced another update their squad for the new dialing options MBII their best-selling models. New Bremont MBII-WH sports a crisp white dial with black markers and hands provide a recognizable, but a completely different look and feel of this famous, aviation-style design. The MBII, in collaboration with Martin Baker ejection seat manufacturer’s design, Bremont has become a calling card. Over the past few years, they have slowly introduced new models and variations to the MB range including MBIII, a GMT version Baselworld 2014 launch.

The Bremont MBII-WH is the first non-black dial and, like the white dials SOLO Bremont, white dial design MBII a good match, said to be sharper than its black dial peers. Success MBII shape unchanged, with white dial model reserves the trip tick hardened steel case 43 mm, multi-layer anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal, your orange, green or anthracite aluminum shell select the middle part.
Bremont MBII-WH Watch With White Dial

Also unchanged is the test must produce to survive MBII battery on its way. You can imagine the pressure ejected from an airplane provides an ideal environment to develop watches that shock, extreme temperatures and adverse Oscillation. This part is the source where Bremont MBII “Test intolerable” the spirit of survival not only provide the desired watch catapult (impressed), but also in the high-pressure fast substantial changes (positive and negative) and humid environment like the deck of an aircraft carrier. Temperature testing across the -40 ℃ to + 40 ℃ extended time interval and MBS must be able to survive MFOS crash test (multifunction seat count in some military helicopters), which produce some of 18G.


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