Panerai new Carillon Minute Repeater Tourbillon Dual Time Watch


The new Panerai Radiomir 1940 Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT watch with tourbillon speeder exclusive design and superior performance with a minute repeater, music enroll in local time or the second time zone, become Peinahainuo Chastel watch factory has the technical achievements of the most complicated watch.

Any global cultural systems, to the ancient tradition of timekeeping bells or other instruments, watches and clocks are also a feature of advanced just reflects this wonderful tradition is the minute repeater. Simply tap the chime button, you can start chime, bell music by enrolling in hours and minutes.

Conceived new Radiomir 1940 Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT watch during Panerai look back on the history of the brand, the brand look and Ocean stretches more than a century of profound relationship, and explore the world in sailing boat bell chime tradition find design inspiration. When the ship goes to sea life at sea bell is an important guide ︰ boat crew in the morning to get up in the bell to bell prompt mealtimes and stick shift in bells. Bells also include alarm function, to summon the crew, as well as in fog, informed position to other boats when poor visibility.

Bell music ︰ time in three directions temperament

Panerai specially Radiomir 1940 Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT watch on research and create new P.2005 / MR manual winding skeleton movement, equipped with advanced three questions and a number of superb technical capabilities, and faithful brand by faith ︰ blend innovative technology and simple structure, to create a functional and practical, simple operation watch.

Timekeeping device consists of 8 o’clock start button, the movement within three hammers would ring fixed to the movement and the case of three small bell to bell chime music. Panerai abandoned the traditional system of common two hammers, three hammers to sound, so that the formation of different combinations of bell music, compose a melody like a bell. Timekeeping systems follow the traditional custom, the first sound of the most deep, to identify hours; and the last and the highest sound to knock minutes. As for the second sound is a melody composed a string of three voices, each sounded once, the representatives of 10 minutes instead of the traditional common for 15 minutes.

Methods of operation timekeeping system follows – generally three repeater watch enroll in 10:28 min, will be 10 next bell music on behalf of 10 points, followed by another set of bells music on behalf of a 15-minute moment, then 13 standalone bell music, representatives of the remaining 13 minutes. Panerai Minute Repeater Carillon chimes three repeater system is the first bell rings at Roxy 10 representatives of 10 points followed by two strings three tone melody composed of representatives of the two 10 minutes before final bell sounded 8 standalone music quote minute. 10 minutes interval timekeeping system can reduce the final bell even rang the number of music more easily and quickly calculated with the reported time, but also echoes the way electronic timekeeping table.

Bell music three repeater system, through specially constructed to manufacture red gold case and the case of the more clear and melodious. Case consists of two separate parts welded together, leaving a hollow central location allows bell music resonate improve tone quality. Case by craftsmen with manual welding, so watch each one has its own characteristic tone, bell music with the band different, but different.

New two-division timekeeping system

Minute Repeater Carillon Panerai watch three repeater function can enroll in local time and second time zone, the second time zone by the central arrow pointer dial display, and in the display window at 3 o’clock marked the second time zone AM / PM time. This function is performed by two-time division driven timekeeping device, method of operation is simple and can easily select and start timekeeping function two time zones, the process does not affect the movement operation.

Timekeeping function to prevent inadvertent activation of the device is set to be slightly turning the crown, then press the 8 o’clock position of the button, the music will start the clock. Black dot indicates the desired start timekeeping device rotation angle on the crown, and when the black point to the positive front, the chimes will not audible, then press a button on the crown once to select the timekeeping red HT time zone, 8 o’clock / LT (local time / second time zone) display will show the selected time zone.

Panerai patent Tourbillon speeder

In addition to three questions means and P.2005 / MR manual winding movement , Panerai watch equipped tourbillon speeder same process as a masterpiece. Watch the front and bottom of the table of delicate hollow technology, the beauty of the tourbillon speeder accentuates. Panerai patent Tourbillon rotatably speeder different from traditional tourbillon, tourbillon traditional framework continues to rotate, and the force of gravity in order to offset any error caused by the impact force. The innovative Panerai tourbillon tourbillon cage speeder will surround the vertical axis of the balance wheel rotation, rather than parallel to the rotation. In addition, traditional tourbillon cage rotating circle need one minute, P.2005 / MR framework revolution movement only takes 30 seconds dial at 9 o’clock small seconds more identification echo frame rotation position. Frame construction and high speed combined with specially designed way to effectively compensate for errors caused by gravity, ensure more accurate measurement function watch.

Fine craft hollow watch not only make timekeeping sounds more attractive, more people to enjoy the P.2005 / MR movement superb technology and meticulous retouching details. All components are direct dial inlaid in engraved with “RADIOMIR 1940 PANERAI” and “MINUTE REPEATER CARILLON” outer ring. The bottom of the case can perceive three repeater device and a small hammer and two gossamer barrel, barrel to provide a minimum of four days power reserve watch, the movement with a power reserve display readable disc.

Watch alligator leather strap with a new folding clasp, and other parts of the hollow design coincides. New Clasp designed by Panerai, consistent with the case materials, adjustable principal degrees, so watch firmly embracing the wrist.

Panerai design features and exclusive custom

Aesthetic design new Radiomir 1940 Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT watch, Panerai with a high degree of recognition of the traditional characteristics of style echo each other, such as using the historic Radiomir 1940 case (diameter 49 mm), in order to match the Super-LumiNova® Tu when the label layer processing classic bar and numbers. 18K red gold case with manufacturing, platinum alloys containing a certain percentage, so vivid eye-catching color, superior performance, durability and corrosion-resistant special hard texture, excellent sound transmission effect.

This special edition watch only exclusive order. Panerai designed to provide customers with personalized service, not only strap, indicators and other characteristics of the design of multiple choice, in addition to red gold case, there are also other materials to choose from.


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