Gravity Alpha GT-124 Watch


Gravity Alpha universe gt-124 watch design inspiration, the use of two mobile discs placed on each other and balance to create a mobile effect of the ever-changing. We love watches, watches, vibrant and passionate young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong on watches, our first project is very exciting to achieve. We proudly introduce our first model, gravity αgt-124. This model can be combined in three different colors and four different straps, and we want you to look at the Kickstarter movement. Let’s take a closer look.


Each Gravity Alpha watch features an unconventional design with moving disc plates. In its design, two brass and aluminum disc plates are placed in layers upon each other. As we previously mentioned, the design of the disc plates is partly inspired by the art of a kaleidoscope. The two disc plates function as the second and minute counters. The space between the two disc plates shows us the invisible, yet very much real, presence of gravity. The weight of the disc plates is of great importance. Both disc plates needs to be balanced, so the design of the disc plates are also taken into account to balance the gravity.

The watch is made of 316L stainless steel and is 42mm wide, a size we believe is exactly right, as we don’t want it to be too small to get the full visual impact or too big as to be unwearable by a large group of people. The watch is also 13.7mm thick, so there are no worries about feeling like you are wearing something too obstructive for a sleeve over it.


The weight of the disc plates differentiates the minute and second. This unique design requires the newest movement technology that is developed in Japan, it is called the Rotating Disc-Mechanism. The Rotating Disc-Mechanism is fully powered by the Japanese Miyota 8215 automatic movement. The combination of these two technical components is unique in every Gravity Alpha watch. This movement operates at 21,600vph and also provides the watch with over 40 hours of power reserve.


A plate, the distance of the second set need to be carefully calculated for each individual watch, the height between the two plates must be 0.4 mm. The weight of the second set was 320,200 GM and GM – it was very light. The plate material is made of aluminum and copper. This material is very heavy, the company and the appearance of robust but in fact is a very lightweight material. A Japanese company developed this magical lightweight material, and they took three years.


So far, we are still surprised and very happy to find that one day we have half of our goals achieved. This is our dream come true, to achieve a watch brand, completely by their own passion. Trying to reach this stage, we invite you to learn more about Alpha Gravity Kickstarter now! Right now, we are offering a GT-124 along with two straps for US $219 as a preorder price, which will have a future retail price of $399.


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