Girard-Perregaux Sport Classique Laureato Evo 3 Large Date Watch Available On James List


Girard-Perregaux Sport Classique Laureato Evo 3 Large Date Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

I never thought much about the Girard-Perregaux Laureato Evo 3 watches until I was able to get my hands on one. They just weren’t of the type of design that visually stands out to me. They felt a bit on the “older” side of sport watches like the Vacheron Constantin Overseas models. Then I was able to actually put one on my wrist and I saw a lot of value that was originally lost to me. One of the things that the Laureato Evo 3 does well is present a good looking three dimensional dial. Nothing is flat on it. Basically, most cheap watches look cheap because they have flat printed dials with hands floating over them (too simple to really look good these days). Look at the dial here for example and it basically the opposite. The dial itself is deeply textured with repeating squares, with a different style of chapter ring around it, with applied raised luminant dots. The power reserve indicator is applied with steel and red tones. the subsidiary seconds dial is framed with an applied ring and the moon phase disc itself is a level lower than the dial. Each of the hour indicators is in polished and brushed steel and also applied to the dial. Lastly the hands are lume filled and have a slight fold for a non-flat look. All these visual features not only make the dial look more complex and of a higher quality, but defy any appearance of dial flatness! This is even hard to tell in the marketing image, you actually need to see a real image of the watch to notice these things. See what I mean?

Girard-Perregaux Sport Classique Laureato Evo 3 Large Date Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

The 44mm wide steel case has that octagon bezel that looks like a bit like the classic Gerald Genta designs (AP Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, etc… The dial design also reminds me of these classic designs as well. And so does the metal bracelet! The look is nice, without being weird. The Laureato watches sort of have that “grow on you” appeal if I anticipate this fact correctly. I particularly like the mixture of functions that this Sport Classique Laureato Evo 3 Large Date watch offers. Just a unique combo and layout for a sport watch. The in-house made Girard Perregaux automatic mechanical movement has the time, subsidiary seconds, big date, moon phase indicator, and a power reserve indicator. The layout is well balanced and the features are functional. It is an amazingly refined sport type watch that has sort of an Italian flair, even though it is a Swiss watch.

For me, the watch style, quality, proportions, and brand pedigree are a good combo. I feel bad for over looking this watch line for so long. I knew it was a nice watch when I put on the metal bracelet and it fit so nicely and was so well-made. I just love well-made metal bracelets. It is a cool watch for people that don’t always want to be thought of as “cool.” When not active looking it appears highly respectable. “Respectable.” being a term I would generally apply to most all Girard Perregaux watches. You might not like the style of them all, but at least they afford a head nod. One of this nice watches with the dark blue dial is available on James List (the watch is also available with an off-white dial). Price there on James List is just over $9,000 for this Girard Perregaux Classic Laureato Evo 3 Large Date watch.


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