Bulgari Luxury Jewelry Watches At Baselworld 2016

Bulgari LVCEA Haute Jewellery with Emeralds

To celebrate the 130th anniversary, Bulgari has lots of high-end jewelry watches at Baselworld 2016.

During a time when it is convenient to pull out a cell phone to check the time, Bulgari is still hand crafting exquisite watches for men and women. Combining the expertise of Swiss movement with Roman inspiration from this Italian company, the watches are a symbol of European elegance. This watch maker and jeweler understands that cell phones don’t have the appeal of a well-made watch with a name like Bulgari.Bulgari Diva High Jewellery Watch The jewels from Bulgari can be worn on a daily basis or for special occasions. Many celebrities wear the jewels and timepieces to awards shows and gala events to compliment their attire. Each piece is designed for comfort and function as much as it is for the intricate beauty.Bulgari LVCEA High Jewellery Diamonds No matter the Bulgari accessory you choose, it will last long enough to pass it onto the next generation. This means you can wear it for your wedding as a something new, then pass it on for a something borrowed or something old and it will still look and function like new.Bulgari Serpenti IncantatiThe beauty the company creates goes beyond the construction of their timepieces, jewelry, and accessories. They are socially responsible jewelers. With a commitment for corporate social responsibility, they source their materials through socially responsible means. This means you can enjoy luxury and know you are supporting everyone down the chain who worked to bring your piece to you.Bulgari LVCEA


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