2016 Bvlgari OCTO ULTRANERO: Ultranero Full Black


Modern style is the main theme of the new black Octo Ultranero watches. They “all black” or “near-black” attitude coming out, Bulgari gives this watch is full of macho contemporary iconic appearance. Depending on design, brand choice gold pointer with time scale, or the use of rose gold bezel, creating an elegant contrast.

Octo Ultranero with its exquisite homemade Slim None Table Bridge Flying Tourbillon BVL 268 movement, will Finissimo Tourbillon to the extreme. Only the thickness of 1.95 mm, the thinnest reveal its global dominance in this complex field. This hand-polished and decorated with hand-wound mechanical movement with 52 hours of power reserve, and placed in a sophisticated Octo case, but also to D.L.C. (diamond-like carbon) coating of titanium metal building. Yi Yi rose gold case with its ceramic inlay decoration, a symbol of excellence Bulgari metal smelting and watchmaking. Finissimo Tourbillon Tourbillon diameter of 40mm and only 5mm thick, witnessed the brand to explore delicate and elegant combination of excellent results. Also watch transparent case back for this rare and shocking precision mechanical structure provides an intuitive appreciation of space. This design also wonderful people through black dial, watch a glance at 6 o’clock tourbillon cage. Octo is also only a pointer to the hollow design, to enhance the permeability of the watch.

Octo Ultranero become familiar with how to function simplifies use, even if the series all precision watches Bulgari watches are made from the finest mechanical movements, and hand-assembled and built, according to their own brand enthusiasts needs, habits and choose a different way to wear the style, if in order to accurately measure and read, you can select the diameter of 41mm mounted Solotempo BVL 193 automatic winding mechanical movement style. This equipped with double-barrel movement with 50 hours power reserve, hours, minutes, seconds and date to provide sufficient precision display; if the pursuit sportier style image, you can select a high-performance machine by the BVL 328 core driver of Octo Velocissimo Chronograph, chasing fast time to 1/10 seconds.

For a long time, now it is a commanding force black fashion, unique style and elegant masculinity. The Italian designer is well versed in this. Thus, when the case of structured covered with a layer of black D.L.C. (diamond-like carbon) coating, deep and elegant Italian aesthetics will be presented immediately. It can make people immediately think of the masterpiece of architecture and furniture, in a variety of contexts are comfortable to wear. Octo Ultranero is designed for contemporary urban elegance and masculine design. The new Ultranero series chronograph also for men who love sports to provide all black and black with rose gold bezel versions.

Octo series of case is an extension of the Italian style. Even complex functions, but the appearance looks very simple. It was a geometric design, but without rigid. It is elegant, but also retains a natural relaxation, a fun embellishment of life. Because the light is not Octo performance excellence and to build, also embodies the spirit of hedonism Italy, designed for extraordinary love classic watches, fashion love confident men leisure activities designed. This is undoubtedly a perfect fit contemporary needs, both strength and personality watch series.


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